The Invisible

LCA Arte, Milan 2020

“Postcards from the Inside” is an LCA initiative that falls within the scope of “LAW IS ART!” – the firm’s project in order to support contemporary art.

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Postcards from the Inside

Therefore no answer, but the artists’ sign that offer us new perspectives



Silvio Wolf
The Invisible


We live in an unavoidable dimension that surrounds and conditions us, makes us imagine and fear: the Invisible. We do not know the position, nor the substance, it is everywhere, intangibly present in front of us.


The Invisible is the subject that most inspires my research within the Visible, that boundary between two worlds that I perceive on the Threshold, the place – real and symbolic – that connects and divides the inside and the outside, the presence and the absence, so that the one would not exist without the other one.


I feel their presence in the transition places, in the point of equilibrium between here and elsewhere, where these two distinct worlds are so close, even if greatly far apart. Exploring their connection is what interests me most.


// Lightboard, 2020. Artwork realized as an answer to the Present, the Possible, the Unavoidable.
// Courtesy of Silvio Wolf