«What is the place?»
«The road. The home. The heart».
(Martin Buber, Gog e Magog, ed. Neri Pozza, 1999)

In my work places, occasions, circumstances have always been fundamental. Halfway through the 1980s, after years of experimentation with photography, I felt the need to emerge from the two-dimensional image, from the mere representation of places, to work in places, capturing, subtracting and re-placing, adding and modifying to give them symbolic meaning through processes of transformation and appropriation. These processes have brought me a strong sense of necessity and belonging, offering me identity and hospitality, allowing me to feel like a part of them.

I feel the need to construct the work starting with the place itself in which I have been asked to operate. I gather signs, traces, local references on which to intervene to design my project, to give it roots in that specific place, making it thus come to life for the occasion, for the circumstance, for that precise happening.

Every space is “good”, every place exists before my arrival, prior to my reconnaissance. Every place will continue to exist after my passage. Each place, once marked and granted symbolic force, represents a station of life, a stage of existence in a voyage that connects all the specificities encountered and that recognitions it has brought to life. Inner process and physical places of the world become inseparably linked. I feel the need to start from a completely external, pre-existing given. I go to the place, I gather, take things back to the studio, develop the project, construct new signs, then bring back metabolized material to its place of origin: the place is the event.

Every installation is a stage of a voyage, a station of a path that absorbs and transforms the space into a place, whose identity is offered to the experience of the individual through new relationships and paths of meaning.