At the Met with Silvio Wolf, from Tintoretto to Baselitz, 2019

in Conceptual fine Arts, April 16

The Pillars of Truth, 2019

in "Real ≠ Reality", New Observations issue #133

On the Threshold between Art and Science: A Dialogue, 2018 (PDF)

in "Selected Papers", The Visual Science of Arts Conference 

Large Myhrab, 2018

Fireplace, 2017

"Una copertina - Un artista" in La Lettura, Corriere della sera #317, December 24

The New Values Photography
A Shared Way
, 2017

in The Moon is a Lightbulb. 50 Years of IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan

The Truth of the Images, 2016

in Dear Dave magazine, n.21, David Rhodes publishing, New York

Abstraction, 2016

Us, 2013

Light, 2011

Thinking in Berlin, 1994-1997