Silvio Wolf is an artist known for site-specific installations and lens-based art that lead viewers to perceive a simultaneous past and present, here and elsewhere, a threshold and coexistence of time and space.
Using still and moving images, projections, light and sound, either individually or in combination, Wolf creates multimedia and public art installations that engage a location’s specificities and histories. Responding to the cultural and architectural personality that a place can convey, Wolf seeks to establish a symbolic relationship with it.
Wolf expresses a metaphorical view of reality in his lens-based art, alluding to a visual language and society’s ideological and emotional expectations regarding the photographic medium. Working between representation and nondisclosure, Wolf challenges the indexical nature of the image while exploring the idea of the limit: what is visible and invisible, memory, abstraction and identity.
Born in Milan in 1952, Wolf studied Philosophy and Psychology in Italy and Photography and Visual Arts in London, where he received the Higher Diploma in Advanced Photography from the London College of Printing. His work has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces in Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and the United States, and is included in numerous public and private collections.
Wolf lives and works in Milan and New York. He is a Faculty member at the European Institute of Design IED in Milan, and is a Visiting Professor at the School of Visual Arts SVA in New York.