Mirror Thresholds


These prints on highly reflective silver mirrors are produced by means of a direct color UV inkjet printer devoid of white ink; in photographic terms white represents light and is rendered by the bleached surface of the photo-sensitive paper; in these works the reflected image appears where a traditional photograph would normally be white. This white/mirror produced by the absence of information, or in a way by its excess, simultaneously represents what lies inside and outside the work: precisely where the surface is imageless, it generates its own light and reflection, embracing the phenomenological world as much as the inner one of the image.

My photographs expand the idea of the capture from where they were taken to the place were they are seen; their exposures span from the actual time of the shot to the present when viewed, embodying the fundamental hic et nunc of the beholder: his sight, experience and time. I’m shifting attention away from the referent, reduced to a distant background noise of retinal vision, towards the actual Subject, He/She who questions the actuality of the image, activating it at every new glance.

The image presents and represents, developing an active relationship where the Subject sees himself and the other-than-self, the world and the image of the world at the same time: the observer who glimpses himself in the act of looking is directly part of the visible and of its interpretation. The work pertains to the individual and his awareness while the artist is the medium between Reality and Subject.

Mirror Thresholds are about the Who and not only the what: the present time-place of viewing reveals the meaning of the gaze, offering a new horizon of interpretation for thinking on Photography.

Is the truth of the image in the eye of the beholder? Like the pearl in an oyster is generated in a point of friction, the truth of the image is on the surface that simultaneously joins and separates two flows of information and symbolically, two realities: it is on the Threshold.