A photographic paper that has been exposed to an exaggerated number negatives can no longer retain the information of the individual pictures, so that the excessive amount of information blackens the photo-sensitive surface, making the images retinally invisible. Meditation is a metaphor for our overexposure to the images of the world and their constant, bulimic consumption. What is left nowadays to be photographed, still untouched by the presence of an image?

This image of all the images reflects the observer in the moment he stands in front of it. The work is backlit, producing light in the opposite direction from the one of observation, towards the wall and behind the black mirror: it is the emanated aura to reveal the presence of the viewer.

Each Meditation is a blind gaze and a chance to see, a light negated and revealed, the absence from which a presence is born. These abstract, atemporal, aspatial, achromatic black-mirrored photographs are meditations on Photography, the Subject and Reality at the same time. The image emerges from the ashes of the visible, from the end of any possible photographic representation: the meaning of being resides in the gaze, in the image where it appears.